At North Texas Vision Center we offer an on-site optical laboratory to provide our patients with precision in the fabrication of your ophthalmic lenses.

Having an on-site optical lab permits us to offer a timely turnaround on your purchased product. In some instances we can have your glasses ready the same day. Our laboratory offers the most current instrumentation, allowing us to manufacture lenses to fit any frame.  From here, we can customize your lenses to include tinting, anti-reflective coating, ultraviolet protection and many other options. All of these features are available due the success and availability of our on-site lab.


We offer a large selection of frames for the entire family.  Currently, our selection includes the following lines: Coach, Prada, Nike, Calvin Klein, Vogue, Ray-Ban, Harley Davidson, Candies, Helium, DKNY, Nautica, Brooks Brothers, Airlock, Flexon and many more.  Our frame lines are selected for their high-quality and style, but prices vary to suit every budget.

When choosing a new pair of glasses, we ensure that ‘form meets function’.  After assisting in the style, or “form”, that fits you best, our opticians will help prescribe lenses that best meet the “function” that your lifestyle demands.  Whether it’s polarized sunwear for golf or fishing, or a lens for your time spent on the computer or in the office, our opticians are versed in the latest spectacle lens technology.

For children, we provide safety “Polycarbonate” lenses offering maximum protection for their precious eyes. 

The customer service we offer, along with the timeliness and excellence of products delivered, is what separates the optical department in our practices from others.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are FDA-regulated medical devices.  It is critical that each patient’s ocular health, and contact lens prescription, be evaluated by a doctor on an annual basis.  Additionally, state law governs contact lens prescriptions just as strictly as the medication a family physician may prescribe for an illness.  In our practices, the health of our patients is the primary concern.

Along with offering the most advanced technology and the most thorough care, we also recognize the importance of convenience.  Following the contact lens fitting and assessment, we can often ship contact lenses directly to our patients.  Next day delivery is also available in many cases.  Additionally, patients may simply call our office and order new lenses over the phone.  Our doctors provide the most comprehensive care in the office so that the purchase of contact lenses may be as easy as possible after patients depart.

Our doctors provide a level of care and service that cannot be matched elsewhere.  Each new contact lens patient is required to undergo a Contact Lens Teaching visit to educate them on the healthiest techniques and care systems for their lenses.  If problems arise, both doctors are available to our patients at all times to meet their needs.  Comprehensive Care, Advanced Technology, and Excellent Service differentiate our practice from others as contact lens professionals.

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